Award-Winning MOBA Makes Closed Beta Debut On Xbox One

Hi-Rez Studio’s award-winning, free-to-play MOBA experience takes the next step towards a full console release today as the Closed Beta testing event for SMITE on Xbox One is now officially underway. The online Battlegrounds of the God’s prepares itself for a full launch on Xbox One later this year following a successful Alpha testing phase that saw hundreds of players treated to the SMITE experience on an all-new platform.

Accompanying the Closed Beta release for SMITE is an update on the Xbox One marketplace that now sees players have the opportunity to purchase premium in-game currency, in the form of Gems, purchase new God’s and unlock exciting cosmetic skins for their favorite characters. A new Founder’s Pack has also been revealed today providing gamers with instant access to the Closed Beta and content worth double the initial purchase price of $29.99. Furthermore players will unlock every God currently on the SMITE roster, a staggering 63 characters in total, and all future God’s added to the game.

Hi-Rez Studios continue to provide the account merge option announced previously. This one-time account merge will allow players to combine the items, progress and unlocks from the PC version of the game with the Xbox One client. For more information on the merge, click here.

Source: Press Release

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