Awesome New Weather Effects Debut in Life Is Feudal: Your Own

Bitbox, developers of the ultra-realistic sandbox MMO Life is Feudal: Your Own, recently announced that Winter has officially arrived in the world of Life is Feudal with the debut of brand new weather effects including snow and rain – both of which will have a heavy impact on gameplay mechanics and environmental elements.

The team showcase the new weather effects in an awesome new video, check it out below:

Weather effects and "white standers"

The Weather and seasons within the game will play a part in the way players go about their daily lives. Rain will cause greater levels of growth for trees and other important resources while livestock will flourish during the warmer summer months. A combination of perfect weather can see huge improvements to crops and other harvested materials, up to tripling yields for each cycle.

Snow will play an important role when players attempt to traverse or trade across great distances as, if left to accumulate, the snow will cover roadways and even smother fields resulting in ruined crops.

Source: Press Release

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