Awesomenauts – New Naut Genji

The thirteenth Awesomenaut to join the crew in AwesomeNauts, the hit MOBA style game, is now live and players have the opportunity to play the first real support ‘naut since the original Voltar.  The new ‘naut is called Genji and he is the last of an alien species that resembles a caterpillar.  Unfortunately the Entin species has an insatiable hunger which nearly extinct their entire homeplanet.  

Like I said earlier, Genji is a support type character which means that he is best used to help our your teams characters and neutralizing the enemy.  Genji’s powers include ways to shield your allies as well as banish the enemies.  Genji has gone through a complete overhaul during his time in closed beta.  Final changes will be rolled out as soon as the testing has been finished.

For those who aren’t too familiar with AwesomeNauts it is a 2D multiplayer online battle arena game that features quite an eclectic array of characters that are hell bent on destroying the enemies base.  You will work together with your team to accomplish this feat.  The game has sold over 500,000 units since being released a few months back and has its on Pro League with the second iteration of their tournament starting soon.

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