Music To Game By

As gamers we’re all individuals and as individuals we all have our own unique tastes and habits. Whether those tastes be choosing what film to watch with your better half, what game to play after a hard days work or what soundtrack to play on your commute, all areas of media are bursting with variety. As gamers we’re quite often exposed to lackluster soundtracks, poor sound effects and sometimes games that are actually better while muted; so what do you use to fill that gap?

Outside of the regular music industry there’s actually quite an exciting variety of choice in regards to available music. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Blake Robinson’s Synthetic Orchestra, a collection of popular game and TV related soundtracks comprised of a composition of multiple orchestral instruments.

His website has dozens of high-quality music to listen to and it’s a great showcase for what a talented individual is capable of. I’m a massive fan of Bethesda’s musical scores in their Elder Scrolls franchise and I would not be easily impressed by any kind of remix or changes, but Blake somehow manages to stay true to the original while offering a different style.

Does the type of game you’re playing influence your choice of music? Would you rather a gentle melody in the background as you strategize in games like Final Fantasy Tactics? Would you burst out some heavy metal while quick-scoping in Call of Duty? Let us know below!

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