Awilix Invades The Battleground Of The Gods

The latest addition to the ever increasing roster of God’s in SMITE is Awilix, the Goddess of the Moon. Awilix arrives in the latest SMITE update alongside her trusted pet Jaguar, Suku and together they embody the power of the night.

Awilix joins the SMITE battlefield as an Assassin that utilizes a number of abilities aimed at improving her mobility and shortening the gaps from fleeing foes. Awilix’ passive ability sees an increase in physical power if the first strike is from outside of combat, paving the way for her other powerful abilities.

Arguably her most impressive ability is Gravity Surge, her ultimate skill that pulls the nearest Leaping or Knock Up enemy towards her, dealing damage and providing Awilix with bonus attack speed and physical power.

In true Hi-Rez Studios fashion Awilix has been introduced in the latest God spotlight reveal, offering additional insight into her background and a demonstration of her abilities.

You can watch the official God reveal video below:

SMITE - God Reveal - Awilix, Goddess of the Moon

Source: Press Release

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