Streaming League Of Legends Championship Final Live

Azubu, a company that has become known for its ‘By players, For Players’ motto, have just revealed that they will be live streaming the League of Legends World Championship final from the sold-out Staples Center in Los Angeles. The streaming event will begin at 8PM PST / 11PM EST and 3AM GMT across the globe tomorrow, October 4th.

Thew newly appointed Azubu CEO, Ian Sharpe, had this to say:

?At Azubu we offer seamless game streaming, but that?s just the tip of
the iceberg,? said Sharpe. ?We?re also introducing talented young
players, providing insightful commentary and broadening
eSports-awareness at the corporate and consumer levels. Many exciting
channels and changes will be delivered over the next few months.?

The League of Legends World Championship final could quite easily be the biggest competitive event in industry history. The tickets sold faster than anyone expected and the results from the tournament thus far have been equally surprising. Tune in to for what’s sure to be an historic moment in gaming.

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