Battleline: Steel Warfare Welcomes Biggest Update To Date With Nation Wars Release

Bandai Namco Entertainment have just unleashed the biggest ever update in the history of the real-time strategy tank combat title, Battleline: Steel Warfare. The brand new update, Nation Wars, introduces large-scale player vs player battles alongside an exciting selection of new rewards and detailed new maps.

Nation Wars introduces the long-awaited 50 player competitive battles as 25 players from each side fight to unite the world under a single nations flag. Players will fight over contested territories and seize control through victory on the battlefield. Teams will be able to defend and invade other territories, attempting to reach 100% domination of the entire globe within the 25 minute time limit.

Nation Wars has been built from the ground up to support the Divisions, the in-game guild system within Battleline: Steel Warfare. However, all of the features in Nation Wars are available for players without level restrictions or the requirement to join a Division.

Source: Press Release

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