Freelancer Phaedra Joins The Ranks Of Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds’ exciting blend of turn-based combat and fast-paced arena gameplay, Atlas Reactor, today welcomed an exciting new update that introduced a brand new Freelancer, Snowmageddon Event and a sneak peek at the upcoming Extraction Mode. The free Winter-themed update introduces Phaedra into the game, a powerful frontliner that joins the already impressive lineup of … Read more

Heroes & Generals Offer More Incentive For Team Play – Removes Browser Version

Heroes & Generals

Denmark based developers Reto-Moto today released an exciting new update for the online medley of real-time strategy and first-person shooter, as Heroes & Generals welcomes a team-work based patch alongside news regarding the current browser version of the game. Jacob Anderson, Game Director at Reto-Moto, said the team were hoping to “make it both more … Read more

Battleline: Steel Warfare Welcomes Biggest Update To Date With Nation Wars Release

Battleline Steel Warfare

Bandai Namco Entertainment have just unleashed the biggest ever update in the history of the real-time strategy tank combat title, Battleline: Steel Warfare. The brand new update, Nation Wars, introduces large-scale player vs player battles alongside an exciting selection of new rewards and detailed new maps. Nation Wars introduces the long-awaited 50 player competitive battles … Read more

World War II Multiplayer Strategy Title Divided We Fall Enters Early Access

Divided We Fall

Kava Game Studio today announced that the strategy fueled close-quarter combat multiplayer game Divided We Fall is now available to purchase and play under Steam Early Access. A chaotic and immersive World War II environment awaits strategy enthusiasts that hope for a little more punch in the strategy genre as Divided We Fall forgoes the … Read more

Free-To-Play RTS Tank Shooter From Bandai Namco Entertainment Launches Today

Battleline Steel Warfare

Bandai Namco Entertainment today announced the launch of a brand new free-to-play MMO that combines the thrill of competitive tank combat with the depth of the strategy and RTS genres in Battleline: Steel Warfare. The game is now available to download and play entirely for free on Steam and features an assortment of iconic tank … Read more

RTS/FPS Hybrid Abatron Enters Alpha Phase


W3Studios today announced that they have begun accepting signup applications for those looking to experience the Alpha release of the upcoming Abatron, a unique combination of RTS and FPS mechanics and features developed for PC on Unreal Engine 4. Abatron offers players a unique take in the competitive elements of gaming as a combination of … Read more

Rise Of The Paladins Arrives For Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

InnoGames today announced that they have launched the highly anticipated Paladin system for the critically acclaimed free-to-play MMORTS game, Tribal Wars, allowing players to recruit up to 10 unique Paladins before leveling them up and adding specialized abilities to aid in battles and village leadership. Lead Community Manager Timothy explains the changes with the Paladin … Read more

Forge Of Empires Welcomes Guild Expeditions Update

Forge Of Empires

InnoGames today announced the release of an exciting update for the free-to-play cross-platform MMORTS game, Forge of Empires, as the community welcomes the release of the highly anticipated Guild Expeditions update. The new update focuses on delivering cooperative gameplay opportunities for guild members as they come together on a brand new jungle themed map to … Read more

Atlas Reactor Closed Beta Underway

Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds recently announced that the Closed Beta event for the highly anticipated online real-time action strategy game, Atlas Reactor, is now underway and introduces an exciting mix of new content to the game including an inventory system, crafting features and competitive seasons. Players can seek out an invitation through a sign-up page on the … Read more

Open Alpha Event For Trion Worlds’ Innovative Turn-Based MMO Atlas Reactor Announced

Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds today sent out word to remind players that the special Open Alpha event invitation for the upcoming turn-based MMORPG Atlas Reactor will soon begin as servers are set to open March 31st 5PM EST. The game hopes to reinvent the way players enjoy the world of real-time strategy with simultaneous turn-based mechanics that … Read more

Tactical Combat MMO Affected Zone Tactics Enters Open Beta

Affected Zone Tactics 1280x720

Light Vision Interactive and IDC Games today announced that the Open Beta for the tactical combat MMO, Affected Zone Tactics, is now available to download. Currently the Open Beta client is only available to download via the official website but the developers have stated that the game will be available to download over Steam some … Read more

Heroes & Generals Celebrates 7 Million Registered Player Milestone

Heroes & Generals

The Danish development team Roto-Moto today announced the reaching of a hugely impressive milestone as the online World War combat MMO, Heroes & Generals, is celebrating over 7 million registered players – that’s more people than live in the home country of the development team. [quote cite=”Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto”]”For a Danish developer-team … Read more

Triniti Stars Announce Brand New Android & iOS MMORTS Battle Earth

Battle Earth

Triniti Stars, a new publishing company based in South-Korea, today announced the release of the fast-paced action strategy game available on both Android and iOS platforms, Battle Earth. The developers describe the game as the ultimate strategy and action experience where players battle a variety of enemies, tackling huge and powerful bosses, and utilizing a … Read more

Star Trek: Alien Domain Announces New Year’s Event

Star Trek Alien Domain

While the Christmas festivities in Star Trek: Alien Domain are already in full swing the developers are wasting little time with information relating to the upcoming New Years event and celebrations on the free online RTS game. Players can jump into the game today to see a special New Year’s countdown that began late yesterday … Read more

Paladin’s Welcomes New Champion Evie Alongside New 24/7 Testing Schedule

Paladins Champions Of The Realm 1280x720

Developers of the hugely popular free-to-play MOBA SMITE, Hi-Rez Studios, today announced that the Closed Beta for their upcoming MMO shooter Paladins is now extending to 24/7 access alongside the debut of a brand new Champion, Evie. As the new Champion Evie introduces an interesting selection of potential new tactics and strategies to deploy in … Read more

Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online Enters Open Beta

Earlier today developers Ubisoft announced that the Open Beta for the long-awaited Tom Clancy MMORTS game, EndWar Online, is finally underway after what feels like years of waiting. The game was originally announced back in September of 2013 but met a lot of issues on its road to Open Beta release. In March of last … Read more