Become A Rich Man in Silver Tycoon From Hero Commander

Compete to be the one who earns the most silver!
As the main currency in Hero Commander- one of the free to play strategy games, silver means almost everything. Players can use silver to recruit troops, enhance gear, upgrade gem level, train armies and much more. How to get as much silver as possible? Whoever finds the answer to this question surely deserves plenty of rewards. Thus, here comes our new event: Silver Tycoon! Compete to be the one who earns the most silver during a limited time to get the grand prize!

It’s not hard to own plenty of silver!
Afraid that the silver you earn isn’t enough? Don’t worry about it! Beside the daily tasks where players can earn silver every day, there will also be other events centered around granting silver during the Silver Tycoon event. Both the Wheel of Luck and Silver Exclusive events can reward players with lots of silver easily. Don’t forget to check the Hot Events everyday to boost your chances!
In Silver Tycoon, players who reach basic number of pts will earn a basic reward, so even if some players are not great at “making money”, they may still have a bit of fun in this event!

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