H1Z1 Early Access Release Date Confirmed – Sooner Than You Think

With the massive success of the survival zombie genre in recent years it was inevitable that a big name publisher would eventually tackle the apocalypse, and Sony Online Entertainment are having their shot with the upcoming release of H1Z1. The zombie survival MMO was first revealed back in April of 2014, amidst the huge hype and coverage surrounding Dean “Rocket” Hall’s DayZ, instantly striking up interest with vast waves of the gaming community.

Things went a little quiet in following months as expected announcements failed to appear, further progress was not discusses and the PR hype train all but appeared to come to a complete stop.

However, today that changed with the official confirmation of H1Z1’s release date. Over the weekend Sony Online Entertainment stated that the release date would be announced today and they stuck to it, announcing that the game will launch on January 15th, 2015.

The developers also provided players with information regarding potential points of access in the build up to release through the Steam Early Access program. For $19.99/£14.99, players will be able to gain access to the game and help with its progression in the build up to release.

Source: Reddit

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