Bethesda re-releasing Quake 4 on PC and Xbox 360

Bethesda has announced that they are re-releasing Quake 4 in June. In North America, the game will be released on June 19th with a new price of $19.99. In Europe, it launches on PC and Xbox 360, with the game already being available on Steam for ?15 in 2011. Nothing is known about what this new PC release means at all, but hopefully there will be some answers.

“If you didn’t pick up an Xbox 360 at launch, it’s possible you might have missed out on one of the system’s best launch titles, Quake 4,” Bethesda said.

“With it becoming harder and harder to find a new copy of the game, we’re happy to announce we’re re-releasing it at a low price of $19.99.”

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