Big Changes coming to Tribes: Ascend

We?ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Tribes: Ascend, which has been in operational beta since last November. The game has seen myriad of big changes since its initial development cycle began, and Hi-Rez Studios shows no sign of stopping in the near future.

Late last week, the development studio released some cool screenshots of some of the big changes headed at Tribes beta players. The next update will bring more class customization, an upgraded UI and the removal of three player classes. You?ll also be able to customize your weapon loadout and unlock new weapons as you go.

If you?re unfamiliar with the game, Tribes is a free-to-play FPS set in a futuristic world. The combat is fast-paced and class based ? think Team Fortress 2 mixed with StarCraft. When the game does launch sometime this year, players will be able to compete in ranked battles and custom maps.

You can get in on the Tribes: Ascend beta here: Tribes: Ascend


Source: MMOSite

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