Perfect World International Previews New Expansion

Perfect World International has come a long way since its initial launch as Perfect World II. The game began as a subscription-based MMO, but pulled a LOTRO and converted to the free to play model in the hopes of gaining more players. The game only recently came to western shores, and has snagged a dedicated niche of MMO players.

Beijing Perfect World, the company behind all versions of the title, has just revealed a brand new expansion for players of Perfect World International. Set for release on February 15, Descent will bring new skills, a new zone to explore and a complete wipe of territory maps.

Check out the trailer here:

PWI: Descent Teaser Trailer

Perfect World is unique in the realm of free-to-play MMOs in that because it began as a subscription-based game, it generally has higher production values and more expansive content. We?ll just have to wait and see how this expansion builds on what the devs have already created.


Source: Ten Ton Hammer

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