Big Changes For Upcoming Black Gold Online Beta

Following Black Gold Online‘s Alpha testing phase Snail Games USA have announced a plethora of changes scheduled to arrive alongside the launch of the Closed Beta event. The Alpha Test began March 20th and ran through until March 31st, providing the developers with ample feedback to make improvements before the first Closed Beta launch.

“With the completion of the Alpha Test from March 20th-31st,
we received a considerable volume of feedback: some lauding, some
critical, but most importantly a lot of useful ideas and suggestions for
upgrades to the game. We wanted to thank our community of fans by
offering a little peek at what they can expect in the Closed Beta test
coming soon.”

Practically every element of the game will be receiving a facelift or introduction of new elements. 4 new classes will debut alongside the beta client – the Gunslinger, Thaumaturge, Beastmaster and Skycaller (two fantasy inspired classes and two steam inspired classes). The land of Montel will also be receiving a huge amount of attention as the art team have redone various maps and landscapes to offer a more fulfilling sense of exploration.

Another feature that received heavy criticism during the Alpha testing phase, Battlefields and Vehicles, will also be getting some much needed TLC. A new Rock-Paper-Scissors approach will be used on the battlefield to ensure no single type of vehicle remains dominant throughout the conflict. Many new areas of customization will also be available, allowing players to upgrade the armor, attack and appearance of their chosen death machine.

Combat will also see massive improvements across the board with changes to mechanics, abilities, animations and class stats. A new trailer has been discovered highlighting some of these changes, you can watch it in full at the MMORPG link below.

Source: Official Website, MMORPG

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