EverQuest Update Arrives A Decade Late

EverQuest Next continues to dominate the MMO scene but Sony Online Entertainment have yet to give up on the game that made it possible, the original EverQuest. The MMO recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, which is a considerable achievement even by today’s standards, but the really exciting elements of EverQuest is the still present dedication of the community and development team.

To celebrate the huge milestone Sony Online Entertainment have announced an exciting selection of features and events to thank players for their dedication over the last 15 years. One of these features, the Plane of War, was originally intended to launch with the Planes of Power expansion almost 10 years ago.

The developers also revealed that Player Created Missions will be added over the next couple of weeks, a selection from the most exciting missions plucked from the huge variety created by the community alongside the developers at last years SOE Live event.


Source: Official Website

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