Big Changes For War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment today revealed some additional details for the hugely exciting upcoming update for War Thunder, introducing an entirely new progression system. According to the official post the developers had hoped to have this system ready for launch but alas, that wasn’t the case. The new progression system will make its first appearance in Update 1.37.

The new progression feature will give players the opportunity to unlock planes quicker using a tiered system. Currently players must reach a certain pilot rank to earn enough experience and unlock all vehicles in that rank but the new feature will allow players to specialize – using a branching system that allows the unlocking of planes in the same branch far quicker than previously possible.

The new system has also allowed the developers to fine tune the matchmaking system. Previously the matchmaking took into account plane rank and player skill but the new system will also add individual plane types to that equation, creating a more balanced experience during each match.

Source: War Thunder Website

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