War Thunder Officially Released

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that the release of update 1.65, Way of the Samurai, for the award-winning War Thunder marks the actual full release of the game following lengthy periods in both Closed and Open Beta testing. The Way of the Samurai update features new vehicles that gives all nations within the game access to … Read more

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicle Combat MMO Crossout Now On Steam Early Access


Gaijin Entertainment developers of the critically acclaimed War Thunder today announced, alongside Targem Games, that the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat MMO Crossout is now available to purchase and play under Steam Early Access. Steam players can purchase one of the Early Access Packs for immediate access to the Closed Beta event, with an added bonus of … Read more

Naval Battles Are Coming To War Thunder

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment will soon be launching the Closed Beta event for a brand new combat mode coming to War Thunder with the upcoming introduction of the highly anticipated Naval Battles. Those attending this years Gamescom will be treated to the first exclusive hands-on event of the critically acclaimed War Thunder’s combat with the new Naval … Read more

War Thunder’s Player Revenue Share Program Nets Player $5,000

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment recently released Update 1.59 for War Thunder, Flaming Arrows, that introduced an exciting array of new features, locations and vehicles – one of which was the first to be introduced via a community creation submission. The update introduced a brand new vehicle to the German tech tree, the Night Interceptor He 219, whose … Read more

Player Guided Missiles Introduced In Flaming Arrows Update For War Thunder

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment today announced the official release of Update 1.59 for the award-winning War Thunder, introducing a vast array of new content including brand new vehicles, additional maps and the introduction of player controlled guided missiles. The new update, titled Flaming Arrows, adds 4 new tanks for players to purchase – each armed with powerful … Read more

War Thunder Recreates 70 Iconic World War II Battles

War Thunder

The award-winning free-to-play online shooter, War Thunder, is set to enter a new era of realism today as developers Gaijiin Entertainment announce the beginning of a series of World War II events aimed at immersing players in the recreation of over 70 iconic World War II battles. Dubbed the World War II Chronicles Gaijiin’s latest … Read more

Crossout Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO-action game for the PC. The game offers PvP engagements on a variety of maps, involving ai-participants, real players and their handcrafted vehicles, as well as PvE missions.

Crossout will be Free to Play here: http://crossout.net/en


Crossout, ASTA, Darkfall: RIse of Agon and more! | The XP 4.8.2016

What’s up Attackers! Kirk here with Attack Gaming, welcoming you to our week-long round-up of MMO related news and stories. Today is April 8th, we are quickly approaching Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, which is very important in all of our lives, papa bless. This week on the show we’ve got information on Black Desert Online, Crossout, Wild Terra, ASTA and much more. The XP, starts now!

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Combat MMO Crossout Enters Closed Beta


Gaijin Entertainment, the developers behind the critically acclaimed smash hit War Thunder, today announced that the Closed Beta period for their next upcoming MMO is now underway as players are invited to explore the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat of Crossout. The Closed Beta begins today and brings with it a host of new content including support … Read more

Set Sail In War Thunder With Epic Historic Naval Combat

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that they will soon be introducing an exciting new chapter in the multi-award winning online World War II combat game, War Thunder, as the team will soon release an update featuring legendary sailing ships from throughout history. Available for all players the new historic battleships will take to the waters in … Read more

War Thunder’s Thunder League Playoffs Begin

eSports league for War Thunder (Thunder League)

Today, Gaijin Entertainment announces its eSports league for War Thunder (Thunder League). The first round launched over the holiday break and it has now reached the playoff stage. Eight teams remain, battling on land and in the air, in the same match. Complete warfare. The total purse is $40K and continues to grow. Here is … Read more

The Age Of The Destroyer Coming To Star Conflict

Star Conflict

Publishers Gaijin Entertainment and developers StarGem today announced an exciting new update that will be invading the skies above Star Conflict as January 14th will see the introduction of a brand new class of ships, the Destroyer. Joining the already established class of vessels such as Fighters, Frigates and Interceptors, the new Destroyers will be … Read more

Gaijin Entertainment Post Big Reveals For War Thunder

War Thunder

Over the weekend developers Gaijin Entertainment posted a series of reveals for the World War II combat simulator, War Thunder. The new reveals come in the form of brand new maps, additional vehicles and for the first time, a sneak peek at the British ground vehicles tech tree. The new British vehicles will be introduced … Read more

Crossout Closed Beta Announced

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that the upcoming post-apocalyptic vehicular combat MMO, Crossout, will be entering Closed Beta testing later this year. As the developers continue to build hype for the highly anticipated MMO players have been treated to additional information on the background setting and lore of the game. Devastation and decay has spread across … Read more

Warframe Tubeman of Regor Giveaway

Warframe Giveaway banner

[keys id=132961]

MMO Attack and Digital Extremes have teamed up to offer fans of the free to play co-op shooter Warframe, a special giveaway that will help you along your journey in the game!

*These codes are ONLY for the PC version of the game. They will not work on PS4 or Xbox One.

[heading]How to Redeem Your Key[/heading]

1. Sign into your Warframe account or create a new account at warframe.com

2. Visit Warframe.com/buyplatinum

3. Enter your code from above in the Promo Code field

4. Download/Start up Warframe

[heading]What’s Included in the Giveaway[/heading]

The giveaway the key will unlock a Dragon Mod Pack along with 75 Platinum!


Soviets Secret Weapon Introduced To War Thunder

War Thunder 1280x720

Gaijin Entertainment today introduced the 8 million strong War Thunder community to the latest upcoming addition to the military MMO’s arsenal with the armored monster of the Soviet Forces, the ST-1. Also known as “The Walking Tank” the ST-1 was a top secret unit deployed by Soviet Forces at the beginning of World War II … Read more