Black Desert Korean Open Beta Dated

During the beginning of today’s ongoing Korean press conference details emerged regarding the Korean open beta dates for the highly anticipated Black Desert, opening its doors to Korean gamers in a couple of weeks. Players will have the opportunity to download the client ahead of the open beta release on December 17th. December 10th marks the date for the pre-release download option and from December 12th to December 15th, players will be able to log into the game and create their characters.

According to the source characters created during the open beta event will not be deleted before launch. Accompanying the announcement is a brand new video highlighting the features & classes available to players during open beta, with a number of previously expected features missing in action.

Black Desert Online - Open Beta Trailer

Those that previously explored closed beta versions of Black Desert can expect a number of improvements in the open beta client including a revamped fishing system and a new starting village, Olbia. The developers will also introduce new guild quests and a new title system.

Despite requests from players the developers have stuck to the 5000 character limit on each channel and will also be debuting the micro-transactions that are expected to carry through to official launch. Finally, players will also have to progress further to unlock PvP which is now restricted until level 50.

Source: Black Desert

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