US Exclusive Open Beta Begins For Rising Generals

InnoGames today announced that they have begun rolling out the highly anticipated open beta event for Rising Generals, beginning with an event exclusive to the US-American market. Beginning today players in the US can register for the game on the official website and access their own game world server and infrastructure, created to ensure a smooth and lag-free experience for players in the region. InnoGames also confirmed that support for 14 additional languages and cross-platform play between iOS and Android versions will follow in the near future.

The developers provided a little insight into the recent closed beta event with the following statement:

[quote cite=”Product Manager, Florian Supa”]“We made huge progress in terms of game performance on different devices, and got good insight on the balancing of unit types. We are grateful that our community was so dedicated during the process. People often take it for granted but the playtime and feedback players send during the closed beta is essential.” [/quote]

Rising Generals promises a high quality strategy fueled experience that will see players command a military base that requires regular maintenance before expanding to house new troops and higher tier technology. The game aims to deliver a more thrilling combat-based experience than RTS gamers may be used to, thanks to the long-term support and involvement of genre legend, Bruce Shelley. Most well known for his work on the Age of Empires and Civilization franchises.

We’ll keep you posted regarding releases in other territories.

Source: Press Release

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