Black Desert Online Players To Be Treated To Free Character Slot

Daum Games and Pearly Abyss today answered the prayers of many as the team confirm a completely free character slot for all members of the Black Desert Online community. The developers recently announced that the Musa and Maehwa classes will soon be introduced to the game prompting many of the community to discuss the lack of characters slots without making a micro-transaction purchase. Currently players are restricted to 4 character slots, unless they purchase additional slots via the in-game cash shop, but following the next update that number will expand to allow for 5 characters per account, free of charge.

Additionally the team also announced that the over character limitations per server will increase from 9 to 10.

[quote cite=”Daum Games”]
The new classes Musa and Maehwa are almost here, and to be sure you will be in the best conditions to discover and enjoy their new gameplay, every player will get granted a free character slot. (Going from 4 to 5, CashShop bonus excepted)

On top of that the overall character limitation per server will go from 9 to 10. No more excuses for not trying out the 2 new classes![/quote]

The update is expected to launch on April 20th and will introduce brand new classes, Musa and Maehwa.

Source: Official Forums

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