Black Desert Online Victim Of DDOS Attack

Black Desert Online

Daum Games continue to attempt damage control following a series of poorly executed updates and fixes for Black Desert Online but those efforts suffered a further setback today as it was announced that the Authentication Server that handles the login process for the game has been under DDOS attacks. The information comes from Community Manager … Read more

Black Desert Online Players To Be Treated To Free Character Slot

Black Desert Online

Daum Games and Pearly Abyss today answered the prayers of many as the team confirm a completely free character slot for all members of the Black Desert Online community. The developers recently announced that the Musa and Maehwa classes will soon be introduced to the game prompting many of the community to discuss the lack … Read more

Crossout, ASTA, Darkfall: RIse of Agon and more! | The XP 4.8.2016

What’s up Attackers! Kirk here with Attack Gaming, welcoming you to our week-long round-up of MMO related news and stories. Today is April 8th, we are quickly approaching Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, which is very important in all of our lives, papa bless. This week on the show we’ve got information on Black Desert Online, Crossout, Wild Terra, ASTA and much more. The XP, starts now!

Black Desert Onlines First Major Expansion Arrives Today

Black Desert Online

In a surprise announcement developers Daum Games today revealed that Black Desert Online will be receiving its first large-scale content update as the new Mediah region introduces tons of new quests, deadly boss battles, new gear and more. Watch this video on YouTube Players will be able to access the exciting new Mediah expansion as … Read more

Black Desert Online Head Start Client Download Available

Black Desert Online

Daum Games and Pearl Abyss today announced that the head start program for Black Desert Online is nearly upon us and those that have picked up any of the available pre-order packages are now able to download the head start game client. Launch for the first batch of pre-order holders begins early next week, full … Read more

CBT 2 Details For Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

Pearly Abyss and Daum Games today opened the name reservation opportunity for those that pre-ordered Black Desert Online alongside details of the upcoming Closed Beta 2 testing phase. Starting today at 6PM UTC players that pre-ordered the game were able to reserve their in-game name and can continue to do so until February 26th. Those … Read more

Black Desert Closed Beta Coming December 16th

Black Desert

The gorgeous and highly anticipated Black Desert is taking steps towards its Closed Beta release as Daum EU today announced that December 16th will mark the first Closed Beta test open to North American, European and Oceania players. The test will run for approximately one week, coming to a close on Tuesday December 22nd. Players … Read more

Black Desert Online Pre-Order Package Details

Black Desert News

Daum Games and Pearly Abyss today updated the official website for Black Desert Online, for the first time revealing details to players regarding 3 different pre-order package options ahead of the upcoming Closed Beta. The 3 different tiers of pre-order packages come with a variety of bonus content, alongside the actual game itself, including premium … Read more