Black Desert Online Suffers More DDOS Attacks

It appears some members of the Black Desert Online community aren’t happy with the way Daum Games have been handling the update and maintenance process of the game as yet again the login servers have come under heavy DDOS attacks. It was just last week when members of the Black Desert Online reported issues when attempting to login and play the game. A post from Community Manager CM_Jouska highlighted DDOS attacks as the main source of the problem and the issue was fixed some days after.

However, that’s not quite the end of the story. Once again Black Desert Online players in the North American region are reporting problems when attempting to login to the game, and once again Community Manager CM_Jouska has cited DDOS as the source of the issues:

[quote cite=”CM_Jouska, Community Manager”]Greeting Adventurers,

Our NA players may experience login issues as our Authentication Server is under DDOS Attack. Our Tech Team is aware of the situation and are working on mitigation now. Please be patient while we handle this matter, and as always your patience and cooperation is appreciated.[/quote]

The team are working to fix the problem but no ETA has been given.

Source: Official Forums

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