Black Gold Online Dungeon Reveal

A new developer blog post for Black Gold Online has been released today, containing new and exciting information about the games dungeons and instances. Furthermore it goes into detail on how these work in game and what to expect from them.

Instances in Black Gold Online are filled with a variety challenges for players requiring them to work together as a team in raids to overcome the difficulties ahead. Snail Games USA highlighted a number of dungeon and instance features, each promising an exciting experience every step of the way.

  • Confounding Labyrinths: Difficult maps with no clear paths and dangers scattered around every corner
  • Hidden Perils: Both static and dynamic booby traps will keep players on their toes
  • Ferocious Hordes: Instanced enemies are far stronger and more intelligent than their open world comrades
  • Terrifying Bosses: Powerful enemies guard the greatest of treasures, each requiring large groups to defeat.
  • Boundless Loot: A traditional Need & Greed loot system will ensure groups of friends share loot accordingly.
  • Consequential Death: Death comes with the difficult challenge of navigating back through the dungeon to rejoin your allies

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Source: Official Website

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