Black Gold Online Welcomes Russian Embrace

Nikita Online, the largest and most successful publisher of free-to-play games in the Russian market, today announced that their 19-million strong user-base can now explore the wonders of Black Gold Online via the new open beta client.

Snail Games’ Black Gold Online has already experienced a successful launch in both China and the USA, quickly becoming one of the most noticeable MMORPG games of the year. As well as introducing the massive Russian Nikitia Online community to Black Gold Online, the open beta release also marks the first time the game has been available on European shores.

[quote cite=”NIKITA ONLINE’s Public Relations Manager Pavel Elchenko”]“From the very beginning we were determined to let the unlimited amount of users in the game before the New Year holidays take off. It was really ambitious goal to pursue but everything played out well for us in the outcome. There are two main factors we owe our success to: quick and comprehensive support from our partners at Snail Game as well as valuable feedback from Black Gold Online CBT participants. To these two destinations goes our biggest gratitude.”[/quote]

Source: Press Release

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