Popular ARMA Modder Joined Sony Online Entertainment To Work With H1Z1 Team

PlayerUnknown recently took to Reddit to participate in an exciting AMA event surrounding his work with the incredibly popular ARMA II and ARMA III mod, Battle Royale. During the AMA event he revealed that he has been working alongside Sony Online Entertainment to develop a similar mode for their upcoming free-to-play zombie MMO, H1Z1.

He also confirmed that the Battle Royale inspired mode for H1Z1 will be available to play alongside the Steam Early Access launch for H1Z1, currently scheduled to launch via Steam on January 15th.

We’ve already had a brief insight into H1Z1’s micro-transaction system, a system that we know will see players being offered the opportunity to purchase additional in-game modes for premium currency. Whether or not the Battle Royale mode will be free has yet to be confirmed, but it would be surprising to see premium purchases available so early.

[quote cite=”Mitch Evans, Sony Online Entertainment Programmer”]”You’ll likely be in a holding area, then when the match starts, you will appear in midair with a chute. We may eventually have the plane circling until the match starts, and [people] jumping out of the plane.”[/quote]

H1Z1 releases on Steam Early Access January 15th with a PlayStation 4 launch expected at a later date.

Source: Reddit AMA

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