Black Gold’s Convoluted Payment System Gets Less Convoluted?

Snail Games and Black Gold Online have just released some new information on the North American payment details.  If you have been following the game you know that when they announced their original payment plan, it was very convoluted and hard to follow.  It turns out that payment plan was only supposed to be for Chinese servers, or at least that’s what they want us to think now.  The payment model, as first revealed, talked about having your loot saved after you play, which you can then go purchase for cash later on.  Basically the system would hold back rare materials and premium equipment for you to then go ahead and purchase, based on how long ago the items were dropped.  I’m really catching just the gist of it here.

Anyways, fast forward to today and Snail Games is saying that there were a lot of misconceptions to the optional time save system.  They want players to know that their system only “acts as a bonus, completely optional feature to supplement normal game progression”.  They go on to say that all levels of equipment and materials can be acquired in game via questing, battlegrounds, auction and world drops.  The ‘Black Gold Time’ system adds an additional source of economic catalyst to the equation by replacing the cash shop.  The system might seem overwhelming at first look, but they are aiming to take free to play even further with the intent of maximizing player experience.  

I’m still not entirely sold on the system, but maybe that’s because I don’t fully understand it.  If you want to read the full news source from Snail Games, head over to their news section.

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