Blacklight: Retribution 30 Days of Fight Now Live!

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. today announced the start of the $30,000 cash prize sweepstakes event?30 Days of Fight?for the hit first-person shooter?Blacklight: Retribution.

The?30 Days of Fight?promotion awards $1,000 each day for 30 days to luckyBlacklight: Retribution?players. Shooter enthusiasts can enter the sweepstakes by signing up on the official?Blacklight: Retribution?site and completing in-game matches. Completing a match awards a player one?Fight Ticket, and winning matches grants an additional?Fight Ticket. Eligible $1,000 winners are chosen from the pool of players who have earned at least oneFight Ticket?or whom have mailed in an entry form. Earning more?Fight Ticketsincreases a player?s odds of winning. There is no limit to the amount of tickets players can earn per day, and a player can win multiple days. Entry and play is completely free.

“Following?Blacklight: Retribution’s?successful Steam launch, we are excited to offer a new level of reward for our players,” said Clifton Chu, Product Manager, Perfect World Entertainment. “With the rise of eSports and professional gamers, we hope to give our players a taste of what it’s like to earn real money just by playing a game they already enjoy.”

For more details on the?30 Days of Fight?promotion, or how to downloadBlacklight: Retribution?and play for free, please

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