Blast From The Past: Your Most Nostalgic Game – MMOpinion

Think back a bit. Sort through the library of games that you’ve accumulated or experienced throughout the years.

We’ve all got one — that one game. The one that, upon reflection, stands out above all others as the game that defined your earlier years. It may not be the best game ever made, and hell, let’s face it, it probably aged worse than milk. But that doesn’t matter because for an invaluable amount of time, that game gave you a thrill that would define what it meant to be a gamer.

Simpler times yielded simpler games, yet the memories acquired are remembered more fondly than even some of the most sophisticated moments of today’s games. So what is it for you? What’s that one game that you hold nearer and dearer to your heart than any other simply for nostagia’s sake, and what makes it so significant?

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