Firefall is a legend, probably not for the right thing, it has been in beta forever. That means this F2P MMO Shooter is essentially a pay to play game. However, what people should be talking about is it?s gameplay. A sprawling open world built to 1/10th the scale of Earth awaits players when they get into the world. These vast open worlds are made for large scale battles with 100 or so players combining forces to take on quests, mine, craft and partake in one of the most unique MMO experiences to date.

Although there is a ton of players in every Firefall server, the different battle frames makes every player unique. Instead of splitting people up by classes Firefall chooses a different option. Every player picks a battle frame and equips mod items like equipping parts on a car. This give players a ton of choice to play how they choose.

On top of equipping parts to a battle frame, players can also choose different tiers of skills. Doing different actions in PvE and PvP grants players experience points. These experience points unlock horizontal choices along a tree for different upgrades. The best thing about the tiered upgrading is the way it works in PvP. The tracks allow for character progression while at the same time not leaving anyone at a disadvantage.

Speaking of PvP, Firefall features one of the most dynamic PvP experience for players. Want to stream your game? Want to play with large numbers? Firefall has both of these things covered. Red 5 Studios, working with West Coast Customs has built a mobile gaming station that will host up to 3000 player LAN parties across the United States to show off the massive battlefields players can expect when the game goes live.

A large world with unlimited possibilities awaits for players of Firefall. As soon as this game comes out of beta it will be an unstoppable force in the gaming community. Red 5 Studios has captured the heart of everyone in the MMO FPS category. Check out this game today!

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