Blizzard All-Stars Makes A Return

It has been some time since we heard anything new about Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA but today that all changed with the release of a brand new video for Blizzard All-Stars. Sadly the video isn’t about showcasing game mechanics or demonstrating in-game features, instead it’s a re-branding of the name changing it to Heroes of the Storm.

Accompanying the new video is a website launch that hosts all the available Heroes of the Storm content, which isn’t very much. Well actually it’s just this video, but that’s a start right?

Blizzard fans have been waiting a very long time for some more information and although this video fails to offer any additional insight into the game itself, it does confirm that Blizzard haven’t just shelved it and kept it quiet. Additionally, Blizzard teased that they will reveal more information regarding the game at this year’s BlizzCon, taking place on November 8th and 9th. So close, yet so far.

Check out the video below:

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