Blizzard To Reveal New MMO At Blizzcon?

According to a recent post on GameRant an industry insider, closely tied with Blizzard and this years Blizzcon event, revealed that the MMO giants would be announcing a brand new MMO game. As World of Warcraft approaches its 10th anniversary the game continues to dominate the subscription-based MMO world and fans are expecting a massive announcement to celebrate almost a decade at the top.

If the rumor proves true we could finally see the elusive Project Titan finally come to light after years of speculation. Previously it was made public that the team behind Project Titan was reduced to 30 developers from 100 which has led many to believe that Project Titan will never see the light of day. However an Activision investors call a few months later stated the title could potentially be free-to-play.

It was also recently discovered that Blizzard registered a new trademark “Overwatch” on April 10th, which could be a new MMO entirely or the official title for Project Titan. Only time will tell.

As with all reports suggested to be from an “industry insider” it should be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s all too easy to create false rumor reports but the thought of another Blizzard MMORPG is incredibly exciting nonetheless.

Source: GameRant

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