BoomSky – Flight League Contest Opens

NGames, a leading online gaming publisher, is proud to announce the introduction of their monthly Flight League Contests to their aerial-combat based MMORPG BoomSky.  The new season will pit thousands of players against one another in massive, winner take all league tournaments which are scheduled throughout the year.

Now if this is the first time you’re hearing about BoomSky then you may not be alone.  We have not featured the game on our site yet, but this seems to be a great time to try it out.  The game is a strategy based multiplayer browser game, which is a relief to me, I love browser games, where you will customize your very own fighter plane and tear across the sky on some great adrenaline filled adventures.

Now the contests in question will last for two months and is open to any player who is above level 20.  Each evening playing will be competing against each other to earn points which will unlock a ton of great upgrades and prizes as well as additional unlocks for your planes.  The top 3 pilots at the end of each contest will be rewarded with special items packs and enhancements, while the 4th – 50th ranked pilots will win win mystery boxes with additional BoomSky items.

To learn more about BoomSky head on over to their official website.  See you in the skies!

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