BoomSky – Updated VIP Privilege Packs

I believe we’ve only discussed BoomSky on this site once, but since I love giving a little bit of love to smaller games it’s time we bring them up again.  First off, BoomSky is strategy based multiplayer online browser game where you can customize your very own fighter plane and conquer the sky with some awesome adventures.  

Today NGames is introducing a few improvements to BoomSky’s VIP Privilege packages.  There are now 10 different tiers of VIP statuses that can unlock everything from multiple free daily access passes to the games many events, or privileges that unlock boosts in EXP gain and the ability to use items that are above their current level.  Having 10 tiers of VIP makes it easier for players to pick exactly what they want out of the game and not have to put a huge ding in their pocket for privileges that they may or may not use.

Just want to mention that BoomSky is a completely free to play game.  These VIP packs just add a few great new privileges that make the game easier to play.

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