Borderlands 2: Mechromancer concept art

Meanwhile at PAX East, Gearbox?s panel welcomed a new revelation that Borderlands 2 will be adding character customization to the already ridiculous amount of variety in the game. As GI?s Dan Ryckert puts it, ?Rather than a stock assortment of gear and costumes, players will have to earn their new wardrobes. New gear, costume pieces, and even custom heads can be acquired by completing missions and challenges, as well as ranking up. In addition, players of the original Borderlands will immediately be rewarded with an exclusive head and skin.?

The other big reveal Randy Pitchford sprung on the crowd was the concept of the ?Mechromancer.? As seen above and below, the female character class seems to be a  mechanical magician of sorts, who ?can control a large robot known as D374-TP (Deathtrap).? The character is still in development and will reportedly be post-launch downloadable content. However, customers who pre-order or get the $150 special edition?complete with loot case?will get the DLC for free.

borderlands 2 mechromancer image

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