Boxed APB Available in Europe Now

We talked a few weeks ago about All Points Bulletin and its transition to boxed retail, and the day has finally come. If you live in Europe, you can now pick up this free MMO in boxed format, complete with a ton of extra features.

The game, which sells for ?20, includes ?30 of bonus items such as weapons, vehicles and 30 days of premium subscription status. The premium subscription provides players with a discount in the item shop in addition to a healthy experience boost. It?s an interesting move and we?ll have to see how it pays off ? after all, APB is available for free right now on the game?s official site.

However, packaging the game and bringing it to stores should provide gamers with a new method for experiencing the game, and it?s definitely a deal if you?re interested in checking out some of the game?s non-free features.

You can find the game in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Austria.

What do you think of retail versions of free-to-play MMOs?

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