Queen?s Blade Adds Adults-Only Section

Queen?s Blade is a female class-only, browser based MMO aimed squarely at adults. And while the content on the main page would land a hard PG-13 rating here in the states, Korean-based developer LivePlex appears to be ready to push the boundaries of what players have seen in a game.

Early this month, the developer added a new zone to the game website, available only to players who are at least 19 years of age. Once inside, users will find sexier material and adults-only content, such as nude characters and other trappings you?d expect from such an endeavor.

It?s an innovation, to be sure, but a curious one. The real question is whether players will be drawn to the mechanics of the game and the ability to socialize with friends, or to the promise of supple virtual boobs.

If you?re interested in said virtual boobs, you can check out MMOSite?s gallery here: Seriously, you?re clicking this?

For the rest of you ? do you think there?s a place in MMOs for virtual sexuality? Let us know in the comments.

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