Break The Rules In This MMO And You Will Be Sent To Virtual Prison

Daybreak Games recently revealed plans that will see drastic changes made to the crime and punishment elements of EverQuest II as the developers hope to take innovative strides to combat disruptive players and rule breakers in the long-running MMO. The new methods will see the introduction of a brand new “prison server”, called Drunder. Players that are caught breaking rules or repeatedly disrupting the experience of other EverQuest II players will find their accounts flagged and their characters move to Drunder, a server that does not have any options of transferring or otherwise leaving.

The new ideas to combat disruptive behavior come from years of requests from the Customer Service team and Game Masters over at EverQuest II, both positions that will play a vital role in the final decision on whether or not to send a player to Drunder. As well as being forced to remain on the server players on Drunder will not receive any customer service support at all and a maintained membership account will be required in order to continue playing.

However, Daybreak Games did show their deep understanding of the gaming world as they realize certain players take enjoyment from towing the line and thus will implement a system that will allow players to make a petition with the goal of joining the server under less forceful means.

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