British game retailer Game closes 277 stores

It?s no secret that the British video game retailer Game has been under the weather lately. Unfortunately for gamers in the UK, the struggling company closed forty percent of its stores amounting to 277 outlets.? 2,104 employees have also been laid off, only 14 of which worked at the Basingstoke Game corporate office.

The remaining 333 stores have felt little effect from the massive downsizing and will stay open so long as the administrator, Price Waterhouse Cooper, can find investors for his hemorrhaging business. If not, this may spell doom for the entire retail chain.

Consumers who still have a Game store to visit won?t be having their usual shopping experience. The corporation has recently implemented new policy changes effective immediately. Some of the more egregious affronts to customers include cancelation of all gift cards and reward cards, meaning any monetary value the cards had yesterday is gone today and no refunds will be offered. Another withdrawal is the stores reservation policy. From here on out there will no longer be any reservations of any games and any previous reservations have been canceled with no plans of refunding the amount given for said reservations.

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