Bungie Reveal Upcoming Content For Destiny

While the general gaming world is still yet to decide whether it actually likes Destiny or not, the developers are hard at work providing new content for those that are happy to admit they are actually having fun. The first official Raid was released in the early hours of this morning, offering the most challenging content available to date. Several parties have already reported investing an entire day into the new content, hardly scratching the surface as they fall at the first boss.

Bungie also took the time to discuss some of the content players can expect to see in the coming week. Among the new content revealed are two brand new game modes aimed at the competitive PvP element of the game as players unlock the opportunity to explore new maps with a heavy focus on vehicular combat.

The first timed event for Destiny was also announced. Beginning September 26th and  lasting for almost two weeks, the exciting event will provide players with brand new Bounties to complete, accompanied by new Legendary and Exotic armor and weaponry to boost that Light level just a little bit higher.

Source: Official Website

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