ArcheAge Latest Victim Of DDoS Attacks

Following recent attacks on large corporations within the gaming industry, Trion Worlds upcoming MMORPG ArcheAge has also fallen victim to a series of DDoS attacks just days before its official release. Although ArcheAge has yet to open its doors to the general MMO public it is currently available to play for those that opted to purchase the Founder’s Pack, giving them Head Start access a few days before launch.

ArcheAge is due for full Western release tomorrow, September 16th, but launch may not be as smooth as many hoped it would. Those already playing in the Head Start event have reported a number of technical problems as a result of the DDoS attacks, with some players reporting that they’re unable to play for extended periods of time.

The developers took to Twitter to explain the situation, reassuring players that they are working on the problem:

We’re still in the midst of a DDoS attack, but our teams are hard at work to get you back in the game.

The attacks follow weeks of disruptions within the gaming network as Microsoft, Sony, Steam, Origin and have all been targets of recent attacks.

Source: Twitter

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