CABAL Online: Six Years and Counting

CABAL Online is turning 6!  And in celebration players are invited to participate in some amazing events.  Past and present players will want to head into game as devs pull out all the stops for the game’s sixth anniversary celebration. Game masters will be hosting all sorts of events where players can score both in game and real world swag for participating.  These events will run from the 27th of June until the 25th of July 2012: 4 weeks for you to grab some really cool prizes!

With the events running, players will be able to advance their characters while at the same time earning rewards that enrich the CABAL gaming experience. Brand new outfits for tackling high end content, items and armours for boosting through lower levels ? there are items for all level of players.

As much as I’d like to list all the events here for you, there are just too many for this post to handle.  For the full list head over to the CABAL Online 6th Anniversary page.

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