Camelot Unchained – New Kickstarter MMORPG

The world of the MMO game is far from short of medieval themed titles, with practically every other game supporting dragons, sorcery and magic; but there is an area they’ve yet to conquer. Mark Jacobs and City State Entertainment have just announced an upcoming Kickstarter project that will promise to bring the Arthurian legends back to the forefront of fantasy gaming.

Camelot Unchained, currently just a working title, will be available to support on Kickstarter sometime in March of this year. Another MMO, another Kickstarter right? I’d imagine that some of us aren’t very familiar with Mark Jacobs, but he is one of the reasons this announcement is so exciting. Mark was the founder of Mythic Entertainment, the developers behind what many believe to be the greatest PvP game of its time, Dark Age of Camelot; a game that still manages to attract new players 12 years after its original release. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m hoping he can bring just a portion of that games quality to the modern era of the MMO.

Camelot Unchained will focus on many of the aspects that made Dark Age of Camelot so popular including RvR, housing and a player controlled economy. The premise of the game focuses on the conflict of three realms – Arthurian, Tuatha D? Danann and Viking, with each hoping to force their dominance on the other.

“We believe there’s a small yet viable audience of fans who are very keen to play this type of MMORPG,” stated Mark Jacobs. “However, tightly focused niche games don’t necessarily hold great appeal for traditional publishers who are looking toward the mass market. We see Kickstarter as the best way to reach out directly to the people who will actually play our game for help in funding its creation.”

“Furthermore,” Jacobs added, “we feel Kickstarter is great market research. When we meet our funding goal, the other investors and I will be even more confident about committing the additional money needed to complete development and to launch and operate the game. A successful campaign will provide solid evidence that a truly enthusiastic and committed target audience will be eagerly awaiting its release.”

City State Entertainment also announced that they will be releasing more information about the game prior to the launch of Kickstarter. If you want to be sure you don’t miss the latest information you can check the official website.

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