Digimon Masters – Arkadimon & Black Saint Galgomon

Joymax, the developers behind the recently released Knight Age, have just announced some exciting new content heading to their hugely popular Digimon Masters MMO.

The new content comes in the form of two brand new Digimon that will be introduced into the Digimon Masters world following the release of the Valentine’s event launching later today. The first of the two Digimon, Arkadimon, is a popular Digimon among fans due to its highly powerful Fresh form and its constantly evolving claw attacks. Arkadimon will be introduced in typical Digimon fashion, offering players the opportunity to get the required egg and raise it into a powerful Ultimate form.

The second Digimon coming with today’s update, and a far more ferocious one, is the infamous Black Saint Galgomon. A machine type Digimon that is only available at the Ultimate form level; players will be able to unlock Black Saint Galgomon via a purchase of the ‘Black Saint Wing’.

Digimon Masters may not be the greatest game to grace the MMO world but it’s all we’ve got until Nintendo pull their finger out and release…Well, I don’t even need to say it. For more information on Digimon Masters you can check out Kerry Taylor’s sweet review here.

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