Campaign Of Ashes Heading To Black Gold Online

Snail Games have announced the title and release date of Black Gold Online’s fist free content update, Campaign of Ashes. The update is scheduled to arrive on September 3rd and promises to introduce an exciting selection of new features, content updates, balance improvements and a new skill progression system.

Players will have the opportunity to explore a brand new environment as they brave the challenges of The Ashen Copse alongside an exciting variety of new rewards including new equipment and weaponry. The Campaign of Ashes also introduces the highly anticipated Skill Surge system – a new progression option that allows players to upgrade their skills at level 40 through the collection of Potential Points.

The update will also introduce new advanced gear in the form of the Dawn Set and Legendary Orange Cloaks, the first sets to be released in the Tier 2.5 gear ranking.

Competitive players can also look forward to some improvements to Black Gold Online‘s PvP including the arrival of Death Hills, a new 10v10 Battlefield, and brand new cross-server PvP.

Source: Official Website

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