Lifeless On Track Following Alpha Release Updates

Last week Rigid-Soft Studios launched their zombie MMO Lifeless under Early Access Alpha and despite a few hiccups on launch day, the games off to a fantastic start. Sales began on Monday, August 25th, offering players the option of a $25 Standard Edition or the $40 Deluxe Edition that comes with a few perks including masks exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, early access to upcoming maps and some shiny stuff on the forums.

Players enjoyed a technically sound launch day without any serious obstacles preventing play. A number of very familiar bugs made an appearance including problems with crafting, inventory and the iconic invisible zombie, but none were a problem for too long.

During the first week of Early Access Alpha the developers released a number of quick-fix patches that addressed a vast majority of the problems players were experiencing. Invisible zombies have all but been eradicated, the crafting system is in top shape and crafting is in working order. The developers also had some time to implement some new features including a new exploding trap, changes to quests and rewards, and an overhaul of weapon damage and drops rates.

Check out the community video below:

Source: Patch Notes, Forums

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