CCP Game’s EVE Online Enters The Free-To-Play Race

CCP Games today announced that they have successfully updated the critically acclaimed EVE Online with the Ascension update, one of the most exciting and most anticipated updates in the history of MMO gaming. EVE Online has been at the forefront of innovation and popularity within the pay-to-play world since its release nearly 15 years ago way back in 2003. The game has welcomed hundreds of updates but very few were as monumental as today’s Ascension update.

Beginning today EVE Online is now available entirely as a free-to-play game with the introduction of a new cloning technique that separates premium players from free players, limiting certain skills and speeds of progression. Other elements of today’s update include:


  • A complete overhaul to the command boost system
  • Updates for the Mining Foreman features
  • New generators and effects for Titans
  • Brand new explosive effects
  • The free-to-play and premium clone system


For more information check out the official patch notes.

Source: Press Release

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