CCP Hoping to make EVE Easier for New Players

EVE Online
If you?ve ever played EVE Online, you?re probably familiar with the game?s steep learning curve. There are so many menus, sub-menus, vocabulary words and actions to learn about that the game can be incredibly overwhelming for new players. This is why plenty of gamers start accounts on EVE Online, but only stick around for a few days.

CCP has long been aware of this issue, and has been working for years to make the barrier to entry a little bit lower on its space MMO epic. Tutorials were added a while back, and the entire starting experience was streamlined in the most recent expansion. However, the company still believes it can make things easier.

The latest dev blog indicates that the team at CCP is focused on making the new player experience easier and more engaging?ideally, bringing some of the fun of more advanced EVE play down to the newbies. It will be interesting to see how they implement these changes, as the company can?t do too much to simplify the game without compromising it for every other player.

There aren?t many details available at the moment, but we?ll let you know once CCP provides some more specific information.

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