Pangya United Has a New Map Inbound

Pangya United Gameplay
If you?ve never heard of Pangya United, here?s a quick primer: the game is a cross between MMO and golf simulator, developed by Korean-based Ntreev Soft. Pangya has several different game modes, each a variation on what you?d expect to find in a golf game.

It?s Pangya?s courses that set it apart from other games in the genre, as they?re packed with challenging terrain, enemies and traps. And things are about to get a whole lot harder, and colder, for fans of the game. Ntreev has just revealed the latest Pangya course, titled ?Ice Inferno.?

The new course features ice monsters, dangerous snow traps, and everything else one would want to find on a terrifyingly difficult, ice-themed golf course. If the new course isn?t enough motivation for you to try the game, you can also take advantage of the limited-time bonuses being offered to new players for the next two weeks.

Items include a special Dark Lord armor set, a cool mystery box, and a special event to mark one of the in-game characters? birthdays.

If you feel like you?re up to the challenge, Pangya Global Cup #4 will bring the best players in the world into an open tournament in which you can win cool prizes?if you can best Ice Inferno.

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