CCP North America President Mike Tinney Steps Down

After 19 years at the famed MMO studio CCP, Mike Tinney is leaving tomorrow, February 29th,  in order to pursue other goals, specifically a company that aims to combine health and fitness with games.

Tinney spoke on CCP’s exciting future, “CCP has gone through a fast-paced growth cycle. It’s been a fun run and a lot of good experiences and memories. But I would like to move to a younger, earlier stage company, and plan to start one myself.”  CCP management had the following to say on his departure, “We are grateful for Mike’s energetic and effective leadership and for all his valuable contributions to CCP. We will miss him. We wish him well with his next endeavors. And we’re eager to see what he comes up with next.”

CCP is famous for the EVE Online Sci-Fi Flight Combat Simulation MMO and it’s upcoming MMOFPS counterpart DUST 514.  Tinney will still be a part of CCP for a few months as an “adviser” to ensure a seamless transition away from the company, which is a good move to make sure there aren’t any negative ripples on development.

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