Origin Auto-Adds Your EA Games Bought Through Steam Now

Before we go further, I want to say just how much I love Steam.  It makes PC gaming so easy by building a community around it’s storefront.  Don’t get me started on Steam sales, either.  Say bye-bye to ALL the money.  So while I love Steam, there’s now Origin that has to come into my life because of first Battlefield 3 and now The Old Republic.  If I played Mass Effect on PC, I’d be tied to Origin with ME3, too, but I play that on 360.  But now there’s two stores, two community platforms with separate friends lists, and I already have a lot of EA Steam games (Battlefield 2, Dead Space 1 & 2, etc.) so that kinda sucks dealing with separate programs.  So while I don’t like Origin that much (it’s still new, after all, so it’ll get better I’m sure) I do like that it will now take my EA games from Steam and bring them to my Origin library.  This may seem like nothing but what if I had the Mass Effect games there as well?  Now I can have all three ME titles on the same platform instead of different ones.  It’s a nice idea to help Steam owners potentially switch, but Origin still has a lot to catch up to.

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